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On this website, the information we collect from you includes:

Email that you send us

If you send us email, we will have your email address (of course), your name (presumably), and various technical details about your email set-up (we don't ask for this; it just comes).

We will not intentionally share this information with anyone, unless you specifically allow us to do so.

We say "intentionally" because someone could steal this information from us or we could be compelled by law to disclose it.

Sign-ups for publication announcements
If you ask to be notified of publication announcements, you will be furnishing us with your email address, and perhaps other information.

Again, we will not intentionally share this information with anyone.

You will only get the email announcement(s) for which you signed up.

Technical information about your computer system
Every time you ask to view a page on our web site, our ISP tells us your computer's IP address, your computer's operating system, what type of browser you are using, and more.

We can't help this. This behavior is built into the web at a very deep level. It comes with the territory, and it is probably true that every ISP and every web site does this.

The Tor system or a service such as the Anonymizer can increase privacy.

We use cookies to obtain site-usage statistics via Google Analytics.
If you have questions about this privacy policy, information on how to reach us is available on the Contact Us page.
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