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Pernicious anemia ruined Mary Lincoln's life and reputation. And, almost certainly, it got her husband killed.

Undeniably smart, savvy, and cultured, her unaccountable lapses of judgment as First Lady and widow made her one of the most controversial figures in American history.

But now the central mystery of her life has been solved... with science.

In this scholarly book, renowned Presidential medical historian John Sotos, MD examines the tell-tale clues in Mary Lincoln's turbulent life to arrive at a diagnosis -- pernicious anemia -- that explains her insanity, irritability, poor judgment, innumerable physical symptoms, and early death, while explaining how her personal tragedies intensified the disease. Mary Lincoln's faults were in her metabolism, not in her character.

Primarily a reference work, this book is a must-have for anyone with a deep interest in Mary Lincoln or in a tale of how history can be wrong for 150 years.

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Introduction                                               9
    Overview                                              10 
    Parts of the Book                                     12
    How the Book Came to Be                               13
    Mary Lincoln and Pernicious Anemia                    15
    Alternate Universe Speculations                       20
    Acknowledgements                                      22

Personal Histories                                        23
    Lincoln, Mary Todd ......... First Lady.............  24 
    Mary's Ancestors ........... both branches.......... 128
    Mary's Full Siblings ........Parkerbranch........... 131
    Mary's Half Siblings ........Humphreys branch ...... 136

Special Topics -- Pernicious Anemia                      141
    Topic 1 -- PA: The Diagnosis                         143
    Topic 2 -- PA: Historical Addenda                    163
    Topic 3 -- PA: Diagnostic Addenda                    196
    Topic 4 -- PA: Bibliography 206

Special Topics -- Historical Compilations                218
    Topic 5 -- Mary's Symptoms                           220
    Topic 6 -- Rage at City Point                        251
    Topic 7 -- The Insanity Trial                        260
    Topic 8 -- At the Asylum                             267
    Topic 9 -- Mary's End                                274

Bibliography & Personae                                  289

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One of the Top Lincoln Books of the Year
"So compelling, revelatory, and well-written as to be a remarkable and truly recommendable reading experience."
-- American Heritage Magazine
"The most original -- and arguably the most astonishing -- book about Abraham Lincoln in decades... other Lincoln scholars [will] sit back after reading and think, I wish I had written that book."
-- Lincoln Herald Magazine

The Physical Lincoln:
A Photo-Medical Solution to the Puzzle of Abraham Lincoln's Height, Face, Pseudo-Depression, and Imminent Cancer Death.

by John G. Sotos, MD

If not assassinated, what would have been Abraham Lincoln's destiny?

Based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts of Lincoln and on all 130 surviving photographs of him, The Physical Lincoln provides the surprising answer: cancer would have killed Lincoln in less than a year.

In The Physical Lincoln, Dr. John Sotos, of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, shows how a master diagnostician would analyze Lincoln's hands, feet, lips, heart, and more, to reach the inescapable conclusion that Lincoln and four members of his family had a rare genetic cancer syndrome called MEN2B.

With over 200 illustrations and clear, engaging prose that high schoolers will grasp, The Physical Lincoln is a captivating tour of Lincoln's body and a fascinating Sherlock Holmes examination of a fascinating man. It offers fundamental new insights into Lincoln and brings you closer to him than ever before. A must-read for history enthusiasts, it is also the perfect book to stimulate a young person's interest in science and medicine.

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The essential all-in-one guide:
The Physical Lincoln Complete

For scholars and Lincoln enthusiasts. Includes the full contents of two separate books: The Physical Lincoln and The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook.

From more than 300 sources, the Sourcebook portion reprints 5900 physical and mental observations about Lincoln and his family members. Each observation is fully referenced, and organized to resemble a modern medical record.

In addition, family trees show Lincoln's ancestors and descendants. Nine "Special Topics" thoroughly explore major Lincolnian health issues, including his bout with smallpox, his gait, his shooting, and the possibility that he had syphilis. And, for the first time, Mary Lincoln's puzzling litany of physical symptoms is tabulated.

This self-contained encyclopedia of all things physical about Abraham Lincoln and his family is indispensible to anyone truly seeking to understand Lincoln the man.

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