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The Physical Lincoln

For general readers, high school and up. Over 200 illustrations.

Tells the story of Lincoln's diagnosis in non-technical language, showing how it explains 51 unsolved mysteries about him.

Tours his arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, heart, family, and more. Shows he was not depressed.

Frequently refers to The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook -- the essential companion for further study.

  • Hardback, from Amazon and others. $26.95 or less.
  • Rated PG-13 (short discussion of syphilitic heart disease).
  • More info.

The Physical Lincoln Complete

For scholars, libraries, and Lincoln aficionados.

Includes the full contents of the two other books: The Physical Lincoln and The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook (see below).

A self-contained encyclopedia of all things physical about Abraham Lincoln and his family.

Indispensible to anyone seeking to understand Lincoln the man.

The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook

A must-have for scholars.

Exhaustively compiles and annotates the medical history of Abraham Lincoln, his close blood kin, and his wife.

Online index of every word in main sections.

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