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On-line Full-text Index

An on-line index of the full text of The Physican Lincoln Sourcebook lets you search for any word or phrase, in any of the printings of the book. Click here.

Lincoln Photographs -- A Wiki

Mt. Vernon Book Systems is proud to furnish a photo-wiki containing every copyright-free photograph of Abraham Lincoln and his family known to the author.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Medical journals have published articles by Dr. Sotos about the medical aspects of Lincoln's life and his mother's life.

High-Order Scholarship

The Physical Lincoln and The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook are scholarly works of the highest order. Fact and speculation are clearly distinguished, and every statement is slavishly referenced.
  • The Physical Lincoln
    • 600 reference notes
    • 139 end-notes
    • 34 projects for readers
    • 257 reference sources
    • 210 images, fully cited
  • The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook
Except for a few footnotes and endnotes, The Physical Lincoln is written without medical jargon, so any intelligent high school senior can understand it. Adults seem to comprehend it, too. :-)

The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook is a compendium of quotations from the Lincoln literature, organized by person and body-system. Primarily a resource for Lincoln scholars, its medical discussions are generally brief.


To ensure the books reflect the latest Lincoln scholarship, they will be periodically and frequently updated. As with software releases, each printing of the book will have its own version-number.
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